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Not Another Boy Band | 2014

Not Another Boy Band | 2014

Alphonse Bistro - May 3, 2014

Alphonse Bistro - May 3, 2014

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painted my jagmaster (which was previously white) a sonic shade of blue

painted my jagmaster (which was previously white) a sonic shade of blue

from the morning to the evening
complaints from the tenants
got the walls kickin like they six months pregnant

from the morning to the evening

complaints from the tenants

got the walls kickin like they six months pregnant

this may never be reproduced
provided our ever-changing circumstances
this might have only been existing
all for your personal and private abuse

this may never ever be placed
on the parks we used to visit
the theaters we used to meet
or anywhere else, without permission

instances of public display of affection
could have been a violation of human rights
a fleeting moment only for your sight
please understand, this is not a prohibition

you’ve been traded, you’ve been marked
an idea contained in these words
had to give you a form, to let me hold you
and rip you to pieces

what am I supposed to do with this
her mother, looking, pointing
dark red stains on the scrub suit
she paid for med school, not murder

never knew a butterfly could be fatal
maybe because it was a knife
and it was resting, deep inside
singing a silent lullaby in the jugular

would you plead as it digs deeper
clawing for air that you love so much
not as much as you loved him
who miserably failed at stabbing you

it was his fault, maybe yours
his post-mortem write-up doesn’t say so
wash those clothes, let them soak
light up a cigarette and watch the smoke

You, you’re so far away
me, I’m in a rock and roll band

(repeat 27 times)


my modest revenge on you

silver wheels and a big black spare tire
rusted bearings brought by the ocean tide
painted by stuff you could set on fire
countless miles, well we have traveled wide

you should have seen me smile

remember the flood back in 2003?
i had to bring you back, but it was worth all the fee
trucks side by side with birds from the trees
the sun shone on our back, helping for me to see

thank you for setting me free

but now it’s time, soon and you will be gone
i did my best, but maybe it’s meant for us to part
blackened creature of burnt rubber and steel
the decades we’ve spent, I’ve loved you more than a friend

farewell, but it’s not the end

time, it will never come back
like a lover who never loved you
it’s safe to say you stole it from me
back then when i was so free

and as i chase this feeling away
i’m writing a song to make it all okay

you had the brightest of smiles
you had the tenderest touch
but it was all just a mask of deceit
cause baby, you’re a psycho bitch

forget you and all the bad
memories you’ve left behind
they’re lost through space and time
no, i am not alone
i still have my guitar, it gets me
it gets me through the night

while i keep chasing this feeling away
i wrote a song to make it all okay


I don’t know why but this made me laugh how much Chino’s sexual lyrics have improved, especially the last one hahaha.

“You’re so sweet, your smile, your pussy, and your boobs
You’re on fire, you move me like music with your style”
- 1997 MX

“Roll the windows down, this cool night air is curious
Let the whole world look in, who cares who sees what tonight
Roll these misty windows down to catch my breath again”  
- 2001 Passenger  

“No one else has a hold over me like you do
You open up the covers, You lure me in
Tackle me anxious back into bed
Well I hope to discover all of your waves…”
- 2010 This Place Is Death 

“I promise to watch and raise your babies”
-2012 Romantic Dreams

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